Walking & Hiking in Samos


In south-western Samos at the foot of Mountain Kerkis, the highest mountain in the Aegean (1,445m) and literally in the sea, lays Kampos Marathokampou. The natural beauty and the mild weather turn Kampos Marathokampou into an attractive touristic destination.

pythagorasCaveNot far from Kampos on the slope of Kerkis mountain can be found Pythagoras’ cave (altitude 350m) where, according to the myth, Pythagoras hid during the time when he was wanted by the local tyrant Polykratis for having supposedly corrupted his young pupils. In the same area is located the chapel of the Virgin Mary “Sarantaskaliotisa”: in order to get there, the visitors will have to ascend 40 steps carved in steep rock. A bit higher still (altitude 700 m) is the monastery of “Moni Evagelistria”, the oldest church in Samos, from where one can enjoy panoramic views of the Aegean and surrounding islands.

For the walkers and hikers enthusiasts, the area offers countless routes and marked paths through the countryside, around the coastline, in the forest hills, including caves and rock formations. The region is classified as Natura 2000 European protection area (GR4120003), with remarkable vegetation and wildlife.

The ultimate highlight is the slightly more challenging hike to the top of mountain Kerkis (Vigla | 1433m) which offers the most spectacular views to the north, south and west Samos as well as the neighbouring islands.


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Walking & Hiking
Kerkis | Vigla, 1433m