Gym & Fitness


For the sport enthusiasts there is no such thing as a holiday from the gym.
Improve or maintain your fitness and keep your body in good shape with the modern fully equipped gym of Sirena Residence & SPA.

Free service Free service
The Sirena Gym facilities is a a free of charge service for all hotel guests.
Great holiday workout
    • Warm up: Either 10 minutes on the bike or a short run outside. I avoid running on treadmills as they do not allow you enough movement in your hips when you run. They can also be dangerous if, like me, you have a short concentration span.
    • Squats: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down to the point when your knees are at 90 degrees, and move back up slowly. Keep your back straight and your abdominals engaged (by bringing your belly button in towards your spine). For extra resistance you can hold dumbbells (or water bottles).
    • Press-ups: Do as many straight or bent leg press-ups as possible. Always engage your abdominals and move slowly until failure.
    • Flies: Stand with one foot forward with your knee bent, tilt forward at the waist keeping your back straight. Hold weights in each hand and slowly move the elbows out (like a chicken) and up to shoulder height engaging your abdominals. Change legs and repeat.
    • One-arm row: Kneel on your right knee, with your left leg bent at 90 degrees. Rest your left arm on your left knee. Hold a weight in your right hand and hang your arm by your side. Drop your chin towards your chest. Slowly raise your elbow straight up and then lower to resting position. Use short movements to take pressure off your biceps and work your lats. Swap legs and repeat.
    • Bicep curls: Stand with legs slightly bent. Hold dumbbells keeping elbows tight to the body and forward slightly. Slowly curl the hand up towards the shoulders, engaging the abdominals.
Remember to stretch before and after the routine, and work slowly, concentrating on your posture. And when you’ve completed the exercises, take at least 48 hours off – you are on holiday after all.


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COVID-19 Preventive measures and regulations

We are doing our best to prepare our premises for your future holidays.


Your safety comes first!

With this information we wish to vanish any anxiety you may have and assist you to decide which option of booking fits best to your travel needs and make sure you are informed of our safety precautions.


If you already have a booking with us:

If you have booked your stay directly through our website or our reservations team on a non-refundable rate and has an arrival date till June 30RD you may:

  1. Rebook your stay for the period 1/7 – 10/10/2020 under the same terms & conditions and without any cancelation fees apart from the rate difference according to the new travel dates and get a complimentary room upgrade up on availability.
  2. Take an open date Voucher valid for 18 months ahead, without any cancelation fees and equal to the total money you have paid for your booking, which you will have the chance to offset with your future reservation cost.

In case you do not redeem your voucher within 18 months from the issue date, the entire amount will be returned to you at that time.
We would like to let you know that, faced with the unprecedented turn of events, the Greek state, as well as other EU countries, recently passed a law that allows businesses in the travel industry to issue such a voucher instead of extending an immediate refund.

We assure you that we will show you the same flexibility and respect, honoring your booking at any time over the next 18 months.


Reservations made via travel agents

Customers who have made reservations through travel agents or other third-party travel professionals, are advised to contact them directly for information regarding their cancellation or the possibility of rebooking policies.



Safety comes first at Sirena!

We provide a safe environment that aligns in full with professional protocols from the Greek Government regulations and the World Health Organization against COVID-19, already having a complete action plan and obtained a “Health First” certificate. We are redefining our already high standard cleaning and safety procedures by providing enhanced training to our Team Members, to ensure our guests enjoy a worry-free stay.

Check in – Check Out

Safety measures for social distance, priorities to sensitive people groups and other measures will be kept strictly.
Also to allow enough time for proper cleaning and air refreshing check in and check out times are defined as follows

Check out: 11:00

Check in: 15:00


Public Spaces

The cleaning frequency has been increased while using appropriate disinfection products and highly trained staff. Increasing cleaning procedures for guest key cards and devices shared by associates have been implemented



Hand sanitizing stations are installed in various locations around the hotel such as entrances, front desk, elevator areas, bars, public restrooms, floor foyers and meeting spaces.


Social Distancing

Signage in public spaces will remind our guests to maintain social distancing.


Guest Rooms

In guest rooms, we have elevated our protocols to thoroughly clean all surfaces with recommended professional cleaning products. We have also created a specific plan for extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guest’s room areas e.g. light switches, door handles, remote controls and more. All non-vital little things have been removed from the room. Housekeeping will not enter your room unless asked for. If you wish bed sheet change or towels the housekeeping will enter with all necessary precautions.



Breakfast areas 

Buffet will be operating under strict Protocol rules.



All pool personnel will practice safe social distance policies for all guests, keeping a certain number of guests in the pool. Our Indoor pools will remain closed.  Each sunbed will be disinfected after its use


Spa & Beauty facilities

We encourage guests to schedule their beauty facility appointments ensuring social distancing and safety. Furthermore, all equipment and tools will be sanitized immediately after use and in- between each guest.

Greece COVID-19 advise